Holinger Asset Management AG

H.A.M. was founded in 1993 in Switzerland as an independent and dedicated financial advisor for Convertible Bonds. H.A.M. is owned by it’s active partners and belongs to the leading experts in Convertible Bonds.


Expertise in Convertible Bonds

The H.A.M. team has a combined track record of some decades in the field of Global Convertible Bonds.

Value Proposition

H.A.M. consists of a team of experienced convertible bond specialists with one of the best track records in the asset class. The core team has been stable and saw no fluctuations since 2000. The attractive risk-return profile of the instrument constitutes the backbone in the selection process of individual instruments. Our active approach for advising globally diversified convertible bonds is driven by our belief that risk adjusted out-performance is achievable via superior systematic information processing and consistent portfolio construction.


We believe that money will increasingly be managed by people whose passion is more about the business than the investment management process. The business will increasingly have short-term pressures. It will be almost impossible for this not to impact the investment time horizon of organizations. As a consequence we believe value can best be added by

- Independence
- small & manageable size
- focused organization with key strengths
- long-term investment advisors as opposed to ever changing boards
- equity participation for all prinicipals

H.A.M. is owned by it’s active partners and belongs to the leading experts in Convertible Bonds.

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